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The Shadow Machine. 2022

Exploring the possibility of an imageless photographic practice.

The aim of this project is to explore a photographic practice that disputes both the image and the human as it’s central protagonists.

Photography is almost by default regarded as the context of how humans experience photographic images with the majority of contemporary investigations into modes of photographic practice positioning the photographic image as central.

This project explores an approach that goes beyond post-digital and post-photographic areas of discussion. Photography is addressed here as a practice of materials, or as Patrick Maynard puts it, a “technological way of doing things” (2000, p. 7). This enables the objects of photography to be regarded through the lens of flat ontologies that disputes the prioritisation of conventional hierarchies. By de-emphasising its representational capabilities, and reconfiguring its objects, photography is proposed as a performance of democratic objects.

This project seeks to develop a notion of photographic. It offers an interpretation of photographic practice that reconfigures its objects to pose them as the sites of knowledges in motion.

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